Sebastian Wandal German

When art means freedom 

As soon as you speak with Sebastian Wandl it is instantly obvious that he is an optimistic free spirit. When he starts to talk about his artistic evolution it becomes evident that his artistic path is shaped by a good portion of luck and a whole lot of hard work. His art tells stories of our time and is reflects his curiosity and accurate observation skills. It is obvious that he found his artistic medium within painting and drawing and that he is constantly trying to improve his technique, always searching for new topics and inspiration, and that he is very aware that art means more labor behind the scenes than most viewers will acknowledge in the end. Thus, he fills a vast number of sketchbooks until topics start to evolve that can be used for future works.

Even though the artist might be better known for his female portraits it is worth to take a look at the newer series that offer a rather unknown facet of Sebastian Wandal. In this newer series he tells stories of humans, environmental engagement and his deep admiration for nature. During his travels he sees the changing landscape and the impact of humans on it. Despite of art his other big passion is surfing and this love connects him with the oceans of this world and shows him how threatened this beauty is. Climate change and the pollution of the oceans are topics that become impressions in his sketchbooks and become leter own elaborate pieces.

This series show a haunting contrast between postcard impressions and the troubling reality: the washed up plastic bags and trash on the coasts and beaches, the threat of rising sea levels and the impact of mass tourism on these places and the people living there. It is a narrow line between tourism that is often essential for the economy of these places and the massive impact on the ecosystem that threatens their idyll. It is a delicate dance between these two worlds that is shown it these series.