Jewel Goodby is a curator and gallerist based in London working with urban and contemporary artists across multidisciplinary mediums. Originally from Armenia, Jewel has lived in Moscow, Cyprus, LA, Las Vegas and London. In 2008, Jewel graduated from the Art Institute of Las Vegas, having received a Bachelor of Science in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, before moving back to London, where she successfully founded West London Art Factory and became Creative Director. Since 2010 Jewel has consistently worked with a number of artists, including Fin DAC, George Morton Clark, Carrie Reichardt, Carne Griffiths, Danny O'Connor, Eelus, Hayden Kays, Matt Small and many others, showcasing their works at different pop up exhibitions, such as Red Bull Studios, the Hospital Club, BT Artbox, Loft Studios, the Muse Gallery in Portobello among others. Most recently, Jewel has participated in both the London and New York editions of Moniker International Art Fair. As well as representing established artists, Jewel frequently discovers and connects with new, up and coming artists, keeping her exhibits current and varied.