Matt Small : Everybody is A Masterwork

JG Contemporary 25 May - 18 June 2023 
JG Contemporary

In today's world, materialism and the celebrity culture have become increasingly prevalent, often overshadowing the true value of human connections. Artist Matt Small's upcoming solo exhibition, "Everybody is a Masterpiece," seeks to remind us of the inherent worth of every individual, encouraging us to view one another with the same admiration we reserve for masterpieces in art galleries.

Small's captivating and thought-provoking body of work aims to inspire a sense of unity and recognition of the unique beauty within each of us. His vivid and emotive portraits, often featuring young people, underscore the importance of nurturing self-belief and valuing each person's potential. By instilling in them the knowledge that they are unique, treasured, and esteemed, we provide them with the confidence they need to unlock their true potential.

Inspired by the lyrics of the song "Everybody's a Masterpiece," the exhibition serves as a powerful reminder that beauty resides in the heart of each person. It evokes the notion of an infinite treasure, a wealth beyond measure, that lies hidden within all of us. If we all recognized our own and each other's true worth, the world would be a much richer place.

"Everybody's a masterpiece Everybody's a work of art Everybody's a masterpiece Your beauty's in your heart

There's an infinite treasure A wealth beyond measure That's hidden inside you and me And if each man on Earth Knew how much he was worth Think how much richer we all would be"

Join us in celebrating the beauty and worth of every individual at Matt Small's inspiring solo exhibition, "Everybody is a Masterpiece." Together, let's rediscover the true value in each other and foster a world that cherishes the unique essence of every person.

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