Precision Burners by Remi Rough : Private View

JG Contemporary 20 April 2023 
JG Contemporary 6 - 9 pm
There is an old and a new consciousness of time. The old is connected with the individual. The new is connected with the universal.
- Theo Van Doesburg

'Precision burners' is a culmination of 39 years of focus and evolution. These works are made with the utmost precision, skills born from four decade long tenure as a style writer. This counter culture, of which Rough is proud to be a part of, was created by and taken forward by children and is without doubt the most important art movement today. These works are a reference to those early days of experimentation and invention, the same dynamism of form yet a more advanced language. This series of paintings, whilst still aesthetic have a deeper meaning. As humans we turn away from what is in front of us for a more immersive lifestyle, the everyday things we see become more abstract. We look at art through a very different lens now, mostly in a 460 pixels per inch space that cannot pick up the subtleties of canvas fibres, intuitive accidents or textures. The minutiae of detail is more often than not lost on the viewer. Here the detail is prevalent, the story of an almost 4 decade long journey to create something meaningful out of rebellion is evident throughout every line in every painting.‘Burners' references the graffiti pieces I painted as a teenager, highly complex interlocking letter formations with arrows, 3D and multiple layers of colour. The only thing that has changed is the maturity to understand more, the process of creating art and its subsequent communication beyond. Everything matures at some point, these paintings are no exception...